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Choosing The Right Rifle Ammo for Your Hunt
Posted 11/02/2016

Hunters have a lot of ammunition options available to them, we wanted to share with you some information we found that can help you match up the right caliber for the type of hunting you are planning. The author, Don Sangster is an avid multi-species angler and hunter from Mississauga, Ontario and is a professional North American Outdoor writer.

Sangster advises that when shopping around for ammunition you should first look to see which caliber is stamped on the side of the rifle, and to only use that caliber; using any other caliber may result in serious or even fatal injury to you.

"Caliber” is the measure of a bullet's diameter; or the bore of the gun taken as a unit of measurement. When you are looking at caliber sizes the higher the caliber the bigger the bullet, and the larger game you can use it for.

There are many options for style of bullets and the one you choose can depend on the style of rifle you are shooting with and which game you are hunting. Sangster explains that, “Varmint hunting requires a bullet with a thin jacket and soft core, for rapid expansion and fragmentation inside these tiny targets.” and “For deer-sized game, bullets are generally constructed with a softer point, as these animals lack the thicker hides and tougher bones of moose and bears.”

When making the decision to purchase premium grade ammunition he suggests to take into consideration the amount of money we spend to hunt big game and that a few extra dollars spent to buy the best available is a good investment.

If you are interested in recoil management there are several brands that offer specialty loads for reduced recoil. You can find that these rounds can offer 26% to 43% less recoil than standard ammo with the deadly on-game performance you expect from traditional loads. They are popular with beginnger hunters and youth shooters and are generally made with top quality components.

There is a great variety of ammunition available to choose from and there is a bullet and load combination specific for each task.

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