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Texas Built Rifles Sold at Memorial Shooting Center
Posted 12/20/2016

High Standard Rifles available for order at Memorial Shooting Center.

High Standard offers numerous firearms and services, their rifle lineup includes the AR15, M16, and M4 style rifles and carbines in .223/5.56 and .300 Blackout. One of the High Standard brands, Interarms manufactures high quality AK pattern firearms in the United States using their superior proprietary fire control set with the distinct Texas logo. All of these Texas built rifles can be made to your specifications and can be ordered any time at Memorial Shooting Center.

The Interarms AK 47 general specs are Semi Auto, 16 inch barrel, 7.62 x39 Caliber, Properly head spaced and chambered, Polymer furniture made in Texas, AKMS-Underfolder available, AKM-Available in Wood and polymer furniture features.

The High Standard Modern Sporting Rifles general specs are the 16" M4 style barrel, A2 front sight base, A2 flash hider, Semi Auto, 5.56 Nato/223 Rem, 6 Postition Stock, and Furniture Choices in black, FDE or Pink. 


for a High Standard Rifle or an estimate for your own custom build our team would be happy to help!

This was an awesome experience!