Memorial Shooting Center is now permanently closed.

360 Tactical Training will continue to offer Houston's finest defensive firearms training and will maintain our course schedule, stay tuned for upcoming information about 360 Tactical Training and 360 Worldwide Security.

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Memorial Shooting Center Firearm Return POLICY:
Please read the owner’s manual for the firearm you have purchased today to ensure you understand the safe operation and proper handling practices. 
Memorial Shooting Center strongly recommends that all gun owners and their families receive professional training in the safe handling of their firearms. 
Memorial Shooting Center offers classes that teach safe gun handling for those interested. 
All firearms should be stored in a secure area.
All firearms sales are final. 
Should you have an issue with a damaged or defective firearm bought at Memorial Shooting Center, it must be returned to the manufacturer for repair, or replacement. In some cases your firearm may also be warranted by the wholesaler in which case it may be returned to the wholesaler for repair, or replacement.
Memorial Shooting Center does not warrantee firearms. Therefore, we do not exchange or accept returns of firearms. We will assist our customers in contacting the manufacturer, or wholesaler for repairs to defective firearms.
Memorial Shooting Center does not guarantee, nor warrant the condition of any firearm transferred to our facility for any individual. Should you have a warranty issue, or issues with the condition of your transferred firearm you must contact the seller. 
Thank you for choosing Memorial Shooting Center for your firearm purchase. Should you have any issues with your purchase please let us know so we may help you contact the correct party and resolve your matter as quickly as possible.

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