Memorial Shooting Center is now permanently closed.

360 Tactical Training will continue to offer Houston's finest defensive firearms training and will maintain our course schedule, stay tuned for upcoming information about 360 Tactical Training and 360 Worldwide Security.

We allow the following ammunition:

  • Full metal jacket
  • Brass casings
  • Long gun: frangible ammo only up to .223/5.56mm, unless .22 long rifle or .22 short

We do not allow the following ammunition:

  • Steel or aluminum casings
  • Defensive or Hollowpoint rounds
  • Exposed lead rounds
  • Magnum rounds
  • Shotgun shells (unless training)


In order to ensure that you have a pleasant experience at our very safety conscious facility, please read and understand the following:

1.   ALL weapons must be in a bag, case, or holster upon entering showroom.


2.   Eye and ear protection must be on before entering the range and not taken off until you enter the showroom.

3.   Weapons can only be in your hand while in your assigned booth on the range.

4.   Do not physically pass a gun back and forth to other shooters.  Change booths, not guns.

5.   No bench rest shooting.

6.   Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
7.   Keep the weapon pointed at your target while shooting i.e. only shoot at the target in your lane.

8.   If you are not shooting, keep your weapon pointed downrange.

9. If you need any help from our staff, keep your weapon in the booth, pointed downrange and come ask for a staff member.

10. Your safety is our highest priority at all times; if you see any safety violations or concerns please report them to a staff member so that we may remedy the situation immediately.

11. We discourage against wearing open-toed shoes on the range.

12. Memorial Shooting Center reserves the right to remove anyone that we feel is unsafe.

Please do not take these personally. We realize everyone makes mistakes or might be unaware of our rules; however, we must keep this range a safe place for all our patrons.

This was an awesome experience!